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Gary Holland Sales Buffalo New York
Established in 1973, Gary Holland Sales, Inc. is based in Lancaster, NY. We specialize in steam, hydronics and process equipment. Our product line includes HVAC coils, pumps, valves, instrumentation, steam specialties and much more.

Our company is a leader in HVAC Controls, Process Controls, Steam Traps, Industrial Valves, Industrial Components and Instrumentation. Call us today to discover how our experience, exceptional customer service and product sourcing knowledge can benefit your company.
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Actuators Condensate Drainage Expansion Joints
Backflow Preventors Condensate Pumps Expansion Loops
Boiler Feed Deaerators Flexible Connectors & Hose
Boilers (Electric) Desuperheaters Flash Tanks
Boilers Eductors & Ejectors Flow Meters
Coils-Tube & Plate Fin (HVAC) Expansion Compensators Gauges & Accessories
Heat Exchangers & Tube Bundles Noise Suppression Pumps - Non-Electric
Heat Transfer Penetration Seals Pumps - Pressure Powered
Hose Pipe Guides Pump Connectors
Hydronic Specialties Pressure Booster Systems Pump Parts
Insulation Covers Pumps - Boiler Feed  
Liquid Level Gauges Pumps - Centrifugal  
Mixing Valves Pumps - Condensate & Vacuum  
Radiant Floor Heating Steam Generators Thermometers
Separators Steam Traps Unit Heaters
Sight Flow Indicators Strainers  
Sight Glass Suction Diffusers  
Steam Cleaning Guns Tanks (Expansion & Storage)  
Valves - Balancing Valves - Mixing Valves - Throttling
Valves - Ball Valves - Pressure Reducing Valves - Triple Duty
Valves - Butterfly Valves - Radiator / Zone Valves - Temperature
Valves - Check Valves - Rotary Tight Zero Leakage Water Heaters
Valves - Control Valves - Safety & Relief  
Valves - Gate Replacement Valves - Solenoid  
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SSI Turnbull  
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